Maize Hybrid

 Broad dark green leaf blade

  Green Cob 60 days,Grain Desi type segment

  Maturity 80-85 days

  Tassel colour – Light purple

  Silk colour – Purple with green base

  Cob placement (6-7th node)

  Grain colour- Orange yellow, Semi dent

  Kernel size large (320 g/ 1000 grain)

 (ACS MH 551)

Maize Hybrid

 Tall plant with thick stem,Broad dark green leaf blade

  Kernal size large (342 g/ 1000 grain)

  50% Anthesis (Tassel )-Medium (52 days)

  50% silk emergence-Medium (54 days)

  Tassel color-Light purple,Maturity 120 days

  Silk color -Purple with green base

  Moderately resistant to leaf blight and rust diseases

  Grain color-Orange yellow, Semi dent

 (ACS MH 555)