About Us

Arable Crop Science Pvt. Ltd. Is a company of agricultural products.It involves in business of hybrid seeds,pesticides,chemicals and fertilizers.We serving farmers with a range of quality products with vision and mission of technology for prosperity.

MD of Arable Crop Science Pvt. Ltd.Initially started his carrier in agriculture sector. During his job he observe the challenges of farming people at the grass root level.These problems of farmers has motivated him to created a venture where every solutions has present for farming people.Arable Crop Science Pvt. Ltd. Is a result of that efferts.

Our MD has launched the agricultural projects since last decades and now trying to serve the farming people with assurance of quality products. Our MD also involve in many social welfare activities like education ,health and support for poor people.


Arable Crop Science Pvt. Ltd. Believes India is a country of farmers and in rural India major occupation is agriculture . So the growth of India is co-related to growth of farmers in rural India . When Green Revolution comes for few years,condition of farmers are better but today farmers are facing many challenges in agricultural practices.The area of land are becoming shorter than shorter and yields are not appropriate for farmers own livelihood.For betterment of farmers Arable Crop Science Pvt. Ltd. Has been serving the farming people for over a time of corporation.

We provides farmer not only developing and evaluating products. We also provides them a broad technology transfer scheme for improving their lives. Our extensive high quality products range which includes hybrid seeds , soluble fertilizers,insecticides,herbicides,fungicides, and farm services further support the goal.

Arable Crop Science Pvt. Ltd. Offers a healthy working environment that cultivates the team work and growth. We have a diverse group of talented people who discover,develop,manufacture and market crop products. Unique distributor network helps in saving this purpose effectively. .


Now,India is the fourth big developing economy of world but its heart villages and rural people depends upon agriculture for their livelihood. So,India called agricultural based country but in Agricultural sector still needs lots of research for high yielding ,diseases resistance varieties,specialized fertilizers and farm equipments.

India is a agriculture-priciple country. There is a lot of apportunity for agriculture sector like fruits ,vegetables,food grains and spices etc.We aim to provide a broad range of product of Agricultural practices.


The vision of Arable Crop Science Pvt. Ltd. is "Technology for Prosperity" which means the advanced and developed technology helps our farmers for his happy and prosperious life.


To be a best solution provider of crop in technology as well as in chemical with supported by strong research and development and ensure a happy , healthy and prosperial life to all.


We started our works in agriculture from last decades in farm technology transfer scheme to farmers.We went on professionally in hybrid seed sector in last decades. On behalf of our data collection and study.We analyze and find out the actual needs of farmers and prepared a best solution for them.

We provide our innovative technologies upto field level with our team.Arable Crop Science Pvt. Ltd. in corporated on 28 Oct 2016 as private limited company with a aim to be a part of our nation development through work in agriculture sector.